MR. WILDE is the latest concept from cult restaurant favourite WALTER AND MONTY. 

We’re passionate about the whole dining experience; from great food to good vibes, and believe that everyone should be able to enjoy a meal the way it is supposed to be eaten. Steaks should be juicy, chicken should be tender, salmon should melt in your mouth. But we know cooking isn't foolproof and often when cooking under pressure things can go awry. Whether cooking for 2 or hosting for 10, we believe you should enjoy your time with your guests - slaving away in the kitchen isn't going to win anyone host of the year.

The concept was born following many dinner parties at home where food took 5 hours to cook but all of 5 minutes to eat. We wanted to create something that combined some of the best bits of eating at a restaurant - perfectly cooked food and no tidying up - with the best bits of entertaining at home.

And so MR. WILDE was born; a concept that means your home dining experience is foolproof - 

even the most complicated or arduous culinary challenges take 15 minutes.


You can thank us later!


From complete beginner to experienced chef; whatever your skills in the kitchen, if you love hosting you'll love this.

From the main event (top quality meat, fish or veg) through to our delicious sides and sauces, your meal has been prepped and cooked by our top chefs, leaving you to simply finish the job in the pan, under the grill, 

oven or on the BBQ.

Dinner parties, barbecues, Sunday roasts or a cosy date night for two - now you can enjoy foolproof fine dining at home in under 15 minutes.


Place your order on our website. Please note our delivery schedule here

Choose from a selection of mains, sides and sauces or select one of our Chef's Table boxes which is a full meal of mains, sides and sauces.


Once we receive your order we'll get cooking! We buy our ingredients locally at Smithfield Market and cook on-site in our restaurant kitchen.


We’ll deliver straight to your chosen address on a nominated date, depending on availability (minimum 4 days from date of order).


Follow the simple instructions on the packaging to cook your meal, or use the cook-a-long video on product page - everything is ready in under 15 minutes.

And that's it - it's incredibly easy. Visit our Q + A  section for more details or get in touch with us - we'd love to hear from you!